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Cloud &  Solutions

Whether its getting applications deployed or architecting for the cloud, cloud strategy is at the center of every product we build. We work with distributed computing, infrastructure and platform as a services players to orchestrate and build cloud solutions. Weather it is a private cloud, hybrid or public cloud we can rationalize your solutions using both open source and hosted services.

Cloud Architecture

Scalability, Elasticity, Reliability and computing must be modeled in the architecture, whereas performance, security and maintainability must be centralized to keep control of your solutions.

Global Deployment

Dealing with a product deployment that serves multi-geographies, seasoned cloud solutions provides us with the ability to distribute and scale globally or regionally.

Disaster Mitigation

Auto recovery should be build into your cloud architecture and cloud solutions can provide easy scalable backup storage provisioning for your ever growing mission critical data

Cloud Solutions

We have a proven record of working across popular cloud solutions like Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, ,Openstalk, Cloud Foundry, Eucalyptus, Heroku and many more