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Web &  Products

Our focus on product design helps us think into the deeper challenges our clients face, creating sustainable product sensibility. We continuously iterate on every aspect of the product solution be it strategy, product design, visual design and process design to keep products invigorated. Good design is a big differentiator that sets us apart from our peers and puts us in a different league. Design is about how it works

Design is about how it works!

The user experience creates an impression and hugely influences the way they react to the product. Its why we spend a quantum of our time and effort on the user interaction, user interface to create the best experience. Web 2.0 has hugely empowered the user. They want to quickly interact directly with your product and make their own judgment. Products that work are simple and easy to use and catch users attention on the benefits of the application. The freemium model allows users to take your product for a spin before they use it.

Web Technologies

With a plethora of web technologies and software platforms, it becomes impossible to narrow down on the right technologies that will seamlessly integrate into your scope of development requirements.

Custom Web Integration

Wrong choice on the framework will punish you by paying alimony for the rest of your product’s life-cycle and make integrating with other web ecosystems and APIs developers nightmare.

Customization & Integration

Connecting your online e-com application software talking and in-sync with every other aspect of your business requires integration solutions that are efficient and secure

Web Application Migration

While you plan on enhancing functionality on existing products, the progressive approach is to plan your product migration to newer technologies and move away from legacy ones